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  • Are you smart, savvy woman who by all appearances has it “all together”… yet still is secretly having moments of panic, overwhelm, or feeling out of balance as your work takes over your life?
  • Do you struggle with the ceaseless demands of being a leader – juggling your work, your family and the rest of your life?
  • Do you long to find more balance in your life but don’t know where to start to achieve it?
  • Does your team always seem to be in “firefighting” mode that creates miscommunications and productivity that spins in circles?

If any of these fit you, here’s what I have to help.

My special report, “Reclaiming Your Time: How to Stand In Your Power (Without Being a B*tch)”, details the 5 steps to help you effectively say No with grace not guilt, so you can reclaim your time, clarify what’s important and create greater work- life balance.

Download this free report to:

  • Discover What’s at the Heart of Your Issue with Time and How To Change It
  • Learn how to step into your ART, your Authentic Real Truth and Exude Your Personal Power
  • Move from Overwhelm to Clarity with Empowering New Perspectives
  • Uncover the Secrets for Reclaiming Your Time to Have a Life You Love

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Along with the special report, you’ll also be able to download my complimentary Guided Meditation: “Reclaiming Your Power”, to help you find a moment of peace in the midst of your busy day. This 9-minute guided meditation will give you the pause you need to breath deep, recalibrate and rejuvenate, anytime, anywhere.

You’ll also receive a complimentary subscription to “Inspired Leadership – Courage, Risk & Raising a Ruckus,my monthly coaching e-newsletter published since 2005. You’ll get ideas, inspiration, and practical tools each month that will assist you in finding your center point so you can make clear, focused decisions, get into effective action and enhance your success both personally and professionally. Helping you to live more joyfully while bringing out the best in those you lead.

PLUS access to my “Inspired Leaders Raising A Ruckus” Interview Series. In this ongoing series of interviews, I’ll be talking with a variety of experts and thought leaders from around the country. These inspiring and insightful conversations will give you tangible ideas and actions that you can take to enhance your leadership and communication skills, expand your presence as a leader and elevate your success – to become the leader people Want to follow.

I’m constantly learning new and different approaches for helping others work more consistently from their ‘A’ Game. As a subscriber, you’ll get a leg up by taking advantage of the reading, learning and workshops that am constantly soaking up. I’ll also include information about my upcoming speaking engagements and programs I’m teaching, along with great books to read and many other valuable online resources to feed your brain!

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