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Trainer, Coach, Empowerment Expert

Specializes In:

  • Empowerment
  • Building Relationships
  • Communication Skills

What I Bring To The Team:
Creativity, energy, a big heart and passion for my work as a trainer and speaker

Top 3 Personal Values:
Helping others to dream bigger, Being of Inspiration, Serving Others

Fun Facts:
I’m afraid of heights, I cussed a lot up until the age of 5, Cesar Chavez and I share the same birthday.

Don’t aim to impress others. Inspire them through your imperfections.



Oscar Garcia is an inspiring speaker, trainer and empowerment coach. Oscar’s career journey includes business development roles at five startups, co-founding a nonprofit, Chamber President & CEO, and Community Partnerships Manager at LinkedIn. 

He is an introvert turned international speaker.  Oscar has given over 375 seminars and trained over 12,000 professionals.  His training style is of a “practrainer” – he actively practices what he trains others to do.  

His clients range from startup incubators, to educational institutions, and brands like Aruba Networks, Palo Alto Networks, McKesson, Genentech, Wells Fargo, the US Embassy, the University of California Berkeley and Stanford University. 

Oscar empowers you so opportunities come to you.


Education & Credentials

  • BA, Chicano Studies, University of California Berkeley
  • Bilingual English & Spanish