Here’s Your
Conquering Fear Toolkit

Thank you for participating in my Masterclass

“Conquering Fear & Anxiety In Uncertain Times ~

Tools For Mastering Your Mindset”

As promised I have several different offerings of support to help you ease your mind and lower your stress levels, plus the replay of the masterclass for those of you who missed it live.

I created this guided Transformation MP3 recording just for you: “I Am Living Free From Anxiety.” This recording is intended to help you relax your mind and calm your spirit.

I recommend that you listen to it each night as you drift off to sleep for 21-30 days or anytime during your day you need to take 30 minutes to unwind and relax. (And if you fall asleep while listening, no worries! Your brain is always on and ‘listening’).

Listening to it nightly helps you to literally rewire new neural pathways in your brain for greater peace and calm to help you move through these challenging times with greater ease.

Additionally, I created this ebook to give you a fresh perspective on how you are either attracting abundance into your life or perhaps keeping it at bay, regardless of the current global situation.

In it you’ll Learn the 6 Keys To Abundance and be able to take my Money Mindset Quiz to help you identify the limiting beliefs you might have about money that could be blocking you from receiving the abundance you deserve.

Once you identify your limiting beliefs, then you can start to change those beliefs for the better!

Here is your copy of my ebook “Attracting The Energy Of Abundance” to help you rewire your thinking about the abundance and success that you deserve and are worthy of achieving!

[ Conquering Fear & Anxiety In Uncertain Times ] Masterclass Replay

In the masterclass we talk about:

  • The Power of Noticing & Naming Your Fears

  • The Science Behind How Your Brain & Body Processes Anxiety

  • Practical Tips For Taming Your Thoughts

  • What Is Rapid Rewiring?

It’s full of insights and suggestions on how to redirect your thoughts to help you stay positive, focused and moving forward in a good way!

Here’s what some folks had to say after participating in the live masterclass:

  • “Michele’s strategies gave us very specific ways to navigate through challenging and unusual experiences, such as what is happening today during the COVID-19 crisis. She is a very skilled and articulate speaker, with realistic and applicable guidance that truly can transform lives!”

  • “Michele is well versed in the science of mind but approaches it with her whole heart, warmth and accessibility.”

  • “Concrete guidance to real time questions”

  • “Great to have action items to implement during a crisis”

  • “Acknowledgement of fears and strategies to reshape our response to the crisis, which promotes our ability to move forward in difficult times.”

  • “A great reminder to stop, and take a moment to breathe.”

  • “Michele prompted us to be mindful of where our thoughts go. When you start to spin, realize it, and pause to reset. You can almost always control how you’re going to respond to something – don’t give your power away to your fears.”

I hope you enjoy the Masterclass replay, my guided Transformation MP3 recording and the Abundance ebook! Each one can help give you some fresh perspectives for greater peace of mind.

Be sure to watch your inbox—I’ve got a few other support tools coming your way over the coming days!

Together, we’ll get through this to see what new possibilities await on the other side.

In Service & Love,



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