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Learn How Holistic Well-Being Equals Success.

Now more than ever, well-being is crucial for the success of any team. Your team is the heart and soul of your organization. When they’re stressed out and off kilter, so goes their work and the results of your organization.

Based on decades of experience and study in the areas of mindfulness, neuroscience, organizational development and emotional intelligence, we’ve structured our programs and support to enhance your team’s success.

Proven to be the most effective for enhancing morale, increasing productivity, and creating a thriving workforce, we’ve focused our programs in these 3 key areas:

  • Emotional Well-Being | Learn how to manage negative emotions, fears and misconceptions in the workplace for more robust levels of confidence, purpose and productivity 
  • Social Well-Being |Enhance teamwork and collaboration by reducing bias, decreasing stress and elevating peace of mind as you create positive change 
  • Leadership Well-Being | Raise your leadership EQ for engaged remote teams, greater buy-in and reduced conflict, creating a culture of trust and inclusivity

Read on to learn how Nectar Consulting merges the best aspects of training pedagogy and coaching in a virtual setting, that includes our proprietary Rapid Rewiring™ Transformation Tools which are based on proven elements of neuroscience and mindfulness.

Learn how you can drive long term behavior and productivity improvements that positively impact well-being and enhance the emotional intelligence of your team.


  • You’re looking for powerful virtual programs that your people can feel engaged with
  • You want to infuse the benefits of personal and professional well-being into your culture
  • You recognize that unconscious bias is pervasive in our society and you want to create a more accepting and diverse workplace culture
  • You’re ready for a fresh, high-energy approach that takes on your company’s most disruptive challenges
  • You’re interested in attracting and retaining top talent
  • You’re ready for proven solutions and lasting change  
  • You’re looking to be more pro-active as you build camaraderie and teamwork to maximize employee morale and efficiency


If you caught yourself nodding your head to even one of these, then you know that maintaining the well being of your employees is a critical component for a productive, inclusive, engaged workforce. 

Unfortunately most organizations are struggling with this, especially now, as we are all faced with global circumstances, a rise in racial tensions and events beyond our control. 

Plus, when you factor in the pre-existing challenges inside your organization, it can be a slippery slope, resulting in:

  • Overwhelmed executive team members
  • Managers spread too thin
  • Anxiety & depression quietly impacting workplace effectiveness
  • Interdepartmental miscommunication
  • Mistrust and morale-killing “drama”
  • Employees not working from their strengths
  • Distractions and a loss of productivity
  • Lack of alignment with corporate values, vision and mission


And the list goes on.  Left unchecked you end up with employees dealing with various stressors (fears, doubts, assumptions, mistrust, etc.) that can sabotage the productivity and retention of even the most efficiently run organizations.


It’s time to re-imagine how we work & live.

Corporations choose Nectar Consulting for our ability to implement highly effective remote trainings and coaching that include our proprietary Rapid RewiringTransformation Tools & Support, based on proven elements of neuroscience and mindfulness to positively impact well-being and enhance emotional intelligence. 

Our unique methodology helps your team build new skills that can be applied daily, while providing the necessary tools to develop resiliency, foster a growth mindset, and cultivate a servant leader’s heart. 

 7 Reasons Why Teams Love our Programs: 

  1. Highly engaging and experiential program design
  2. Compassionate space for open dialogue and increased understanding
  3. Multidisciplinary approach, combining the best of all fields of study
  4. Culturally relevant and timely, cutting edge content optimized for today’s teams
  5. Practical and Immediately actionable tools to enable rapid change in real time
  6. Meaningful to anyone along the leadership & inclusion journey
  7. Highly skilled facilitators you can trust
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With Nectar Consulting your teams will experience:

  • Expanded growth mindsets
  • Improved overall well-being 
  • Enhanced sense of team trust 
  • Increased self-awareness & emotional intelligence 
  • Stronger ability to empathize with others 
  • Elevated understandings of implicit bias
  • Healthy, collaborative conversations 
  • Increased tools for managing and lowering stress 
  • Boosts in morale and internal motivation
  • Greater collaboration across all departments


The fact is, when you implement the right strategies, you can actually embrace change and unlock the tremendous potential that resides inside every person in your organization. 


  • A marked uptick in employee engagement across all departments
  • Increased clarity, creativity & problem solving abilities
  • Enhanced levels of collaboration, teamwork and morale
  • Increased individual and team productivity
  • Reductions in costly employee turnover
  • Decrease stress levels and improved productivity


These and other factors have a direct impact on sustained cash flow growth.

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“Amazing – Seriously. The best personal and professional team development program I’ve done since the CTI leadership program in 2006. I have been hungry to find a process that would grow me and our team in a new and different way that made sense. 5 Stars!”


Dr. Deanna Vansickel-Staudt | Director of Global Leadership & People | Home Instead | Omaha, NE


Here’s How It Works:

We’ll pinpoint the gaps that exist in individual and team awareness and collaborate with you to implement highly effective mindfulness, emotional intelligence leadership tools and strategies with your workforce.

Once we take a detailed evaluation of each project team, we get to work,  crafting a customized development plan to turbo charge your entire organization.

Our plans are custom fit to the specific needs of your organization so you can optimize your team’s communications, productivity, trust, inclusiveness, collaboration and job satisfaction.

We also provide you and your team 24/7 access to our Rapid Rewire Community Portal, filled with bonus resources and our proprietary Transformation Recordings for long term integration of the learning for greater team cohesiveness and productivity.

These audio recordings are uniquely designed for each course to deepen your employees’ learning experience at a subconscious level and extend the life of the training, long after the workshop is complete. 

This means deeper retention, resulting in positive mindset changes that are more impactful and last much longer than traditional training.

You will quickly see an amplification of the emotional intelligence of your entire organization, as trust and collaboration are enhanced, while reducing the daily stress and anxiety that can wreak havoc on productivity.


Your Remote Workforce Can Access Nectar Consulting Trainings From Anywhere

You can choose from either public or private virtual workshops for your team, via our virtual training room, socially distanced in person trainings or our cutting-edge training portal. 

We have a variety of trainings to support your team’s well-being to create a thriving culture and amazing bottom line results.


Our engaging programs and team coaching elements help executives and employees in the following ways:

  • Overcome the counter-productive “drama” factor
  • Communicate and collaborate more effectively across all departments
  • Eliminate fears and assumptions
  • Opening up authentic, engaging, non-confrontational dialogues related to unconscious bias
  • Break down barriers of mistrust and skepticism
  • Eliminate “double work” to streamline productivity
  • Get everyone on the same page with objectives and mission
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“From the two-day customized program that Nectar Consulting created for my entire team, we have learned the power and value of deepening relationships with colleagues and co-workers by better understand each others unique strengths, talents and compelling Why. It has given us a way to be more open and real with each other which has lowered our stress levels, increased our productivity and is really enhancing our results!”


Ingrid Merriwether | CEO | Merriwether & Williams Insurance Services


Here are the 7 ways Nectar Consulting is the game changer your organization has been looking for:

  1. We help your staff discover their productivity “sweet spot”, where individuals are working at their professional (and personal) best – freed from the common productivity traps and personality conflicts that can slow progress.
  2. We offer powerful professional development that addresses current issues with relevant training that positively impacts the lives of your staff and work environment. Enhancing the health and well-being of your organization from the inside out. 
  3. We provide you with the ideal resource for executives who want to enhance their leadership capacity while being more inspirational to their team members to build trust and increase morale.
  4. We guide you toward fostering a more racially sensitive, compassionate, non-biased work environment for everyone. Creating a workplace culture where everyone can thrive.
  5. We emphasize your organization’s vision, values and purpose, as you begin to leverage relationships, fostering authentic leadership and a more engaged, enthused workforce.
  6. We teach you how to work in ways you have not seen before, build connections in ways not experienced before, breathing new life into your culture. 
  7. We show you a path to let your organization grow into the best version of itself, by investing in your employees in potent and profound ways.



Now is the Time to Cultivate Positive Shifts
in the Culture of Your Organization

Let’s work together to begin increasing productivity,
morale and engagement so your
organization can reach its full potential.

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“Our company contracted with Nectar Consulting to provide professional development training for our diverse staff. With their training, guidance and insightful activities, our staff enhance their ability to communicate with each other, as well as with a variety of clients. The training enhanced the cohesiveness of our team and helped us establish processes and guidelines for working with each other more effectively. 
Specifically, Michele’s guidance enable us to identify and utilize the talents of each member to produce a more efficient work environment. The strategies and engaging activities she utilized proved to be especially effective and enhanced the development of our least experienced staff members and those new to our field. Her professionalism throughout and the group coaching that followed the initial team training was awesome. We look forward to working with Michele and her team again in the future.”


Monique August, MSW | Executive Director, Choose College Educational Foundation