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Learn how coaching can help amplify
the success of your team and your organization.


Coaching provides you with an object perspective to help you see yourself as others do. To see the various habits, behaviors and perceptions that might just be getting in the way of your success. Enabling you to achieve meaningful growth both personally and professionally.

For organizations that recognize the value of learning and growth as the best way to stay ahead of the competition, we have an expert team of coaches to guide your employees to their next level of success.


At Nectar Consulting, we take a holistic approach to your success.

We know that success starts from the inside out with greater well-being and fulfillment which naturally results in greater productivity and performance.

By tapping into that intrinsic motivation, you can amplify the success of each individual and your team.

Each person on your team brings their own unique set of skills, beliefs and habits which form their expertise. Many of these habits are longstanding and unconscious.

To breakthrough old habits and beliefs requires identifying and rewiring those thought patterns at a deeper level which leads to powerful self-discovery and positive change.

Having a coach can help you recognize the patterns that have become ineffective in your daily life and replace them with fresh perspectives, behaviors and strategies for success.


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  • An initial review of values, goals, strengths, opportunities for growth
  • A one hour discovery session to identify specific goals, commitments and areas for course correction
  • Thirty minute regularly scheduled weekly sessions
  • Summary notes from each session
  • Pre and Post session learning exercises and assignments
  • Contact between sessions via our private portal
  • Regular check-ins and evaluations to improve the coaching relationship
  • All sessions are held virtually via zoom
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Alan Baquet

“I have heard nothing but rave reviews about the training and coaching program! One participant said it was the best professional development program he had ever attended. Another participant said this should be required of all new employees. It doesn’t get any better than that. I had another participant stop me and comment on how great it was. She indicated that people she has interacted with are already applying the skills and tools they learned! Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did.”


Alan Baquet | Associate Vice Chancellor, University of Nebraska | Lincoln, NE


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Weekly Master Coaching Calls

Each week you’ll tackle a different challenge to help expand your success. Through coaching, reflection, dialogue and additional tools, your confidence and motivation will rise for enhanced success.

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Bonuses to Enhance Your Learning

Our team of coaches have decades of experience and tons of valuable tools exercises, and resources  to help you thrive. These resources will expand your thinking, broaden your perspectives and deepen your learning.

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 Transformation Recordings 

Our proprietary transformation recordings deepen the learning at a subconscious level. Replacing limiting beliefs with new empowering messages, as you intentionally build new neural pathways in your brain.

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Support All Throughout The Program

Our coaches are with you every step of the way as you grow your confidence, enhance your communication skills and expand your emotional intelligence. You’ll have   access to your coach through our private portal in between sessions.


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  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Peace and well-being throughout all aspects of your work and life
  • Motivation, passion and greater purpose that enhances your work
  • Enhanced communication and listening skills for greater collaboration
  • Health, happiness, joy and a feeling of being Enough
  • Energy, focus and follow through to expand your success
  • Positive self-image, healthy diet and exercise becomes your new normal

Imagine what your organization will be like when each person is bringing their authentic self and intrinsic motivation to the work at hand.

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Richard Lee

“Nectar Consulting coaching and leadership development provides insight for business owners and managerial personnel along with the tools to assist them in setting and reaching their goals and their potential. Their team is a delight to work with and makes the hard work seem like fun.”


Richard Lee | Principal | Blyth, Lee & Jacob Law  |Oakland, CA


  • Eliminate tough challenges with weekly private coaching sessions with your coach to support your growth
  • Cultivate fresh perspectives & insights to expand your ideas
  • Extinguish negative habits with exclusive access to our proprietary transformation recordings to rewire your thinking
  • Remove stubborn blocks with access to our learning resource library full of bonus masterclasses, recordings and interviews to inspire your mind
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Amplify your teams talent with greater well-being, focus and fulfillment!

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Dr Robyn Fisher

“Michele and her team are by far some of the very best coaches and trainers that I have had the pleasure of working with. Really, I have worked with and hired a lot of folks who claim to know what they’re doing and produce professional programs, who have been so disappointing. Thank you for you consistent professionalism, it is really refreshing and appreciated.”


Dr. Robyn Fisher | CEO | RTFisher Educational Enterprises | Hayward, CA

'Someday' Starts Now.

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“I’ve struggled with low self-esteem and low self-confidence my whole life. I was fearful of new experiences and was stuck in a rut. I constantly compared myself to others and always came away feeling less than in some way. 

Working with Michele has helped me to quiet the critical voice that has been in my head for as long as I can remember. I feel more confident about myself and I no longer constantly compare myself with others. I find myself doing things I would have been afraid to do before working with Michele!


Debbie Necessary | Financial Professional, Raymond James Financial Services

Unlock The Power Of Your Team.

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Bernida Reagan

“My organization and I have worked with the team at Nectar consulting for both executive coaching and team training programs. Our work together has resulted in very significant changes both individually and collectively.

Personally, my executive coaching with Michele Moltor has helped me with many issues in both my career, and personal and spiritual life. The self-discovery work helped me to make better decisions every day that resulted in a healthier, more productive, more rewarding lifestyle.

The trainings that Nectar Consulting has done with our whole team has made a world of difference in how we communicate with each other which has increased our productivity and success!

Michele and her team have made a huge difference for our whole team!”


Bernida Reagan | Director of Client & Community Relations | Merriwether & Williams Insurance Services  | Oakland, CA