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Rewiring Your Relationship With Money!

Helping you release the stress, anxiety, fears and worries that are holding you back from achieving your full potential.

Thank you for tuning into our webinar! I hope you enjoyed it, creating some powerful insights about the money mindset you’ve been carrying around for years or decades that perhaps is no longer serving you.

As my gift to you for attending, below is the replay of the webinar so you can review it again when you need a reminder of how to master your mindset!

I’ve also pulled out and created a separate recording for you of the Transformation portion of the call! Below is the guided MP3 hypnosis recording “I Am Saying YES! To Abundance” for you to listen to each night as you drift off to sleep for the next 21-30 days.

Remember, your brain likes repetition, so the more you listen to it, the stronger those new neural pathways for Abundance will become!

Here is the replay of the “Rewire Your Relationship With Money” webinar.

Be sure to watch it when you can fully take in the information and enjoy the Transformation experience of the webinar (which is very relaxing).

“I Am Saying YES! To Abundance” audio file

This guided relaxation and hypnotherapy MP3 recording will gently take you into a tranquil state of mind, as you create positive and powerful mental shifts that enable you to Rewire Your Relationship With Money and start saying YES! to receiving more Abundance in your life and career. Helping you to release the worry and anxiety you feel around money to live a more joy-filled life!

And if you’d like to download it, click here: 

I hope you enjoy these! Be sure to email me at with any insights and ah-ha’s that arise from listening to your Transformation recording so I can help you celebrate!

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Michele Molitor, CPCC, PCC, RTT, C-Hyp

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