I Believe that we each have the capacity to be leaders in our own unique ways. Leading not only from your brilliance and expertise but also from your heart and spirit.Live Your Art

This is your expression of ART – Your Authentic Real Talent.

“What area of your life is calling for your ART right now ?

In walking my path, I’ve come to learn that in order to Love The Life You Lead, you must Start With Your ART!

Your Art is the work of your heart and soul that is yearning to come forth into the world.

Whether that be the Art of leadership in management, or in business; be it in visual arts, health and well-being, finance, technology, environmental causes, or even family.

It’s all ART.

You see, making ART comes in any form that fills you up, allowing you to share your talents and brings you joy.


Your ART,  your Leadership, is your “Authentic Real Talent.”

Tapping into your ART – well, this is the foundational work as a leader – understanding and leading from your your compelling WHY.

It’s the WHY of ‘Why you do what you do’? Hopefully it’s fueled by a vision that inspires you and your work, a vision that pulls you forward and hopefully inspires others along the way.

Your ART is the work that honors your heart, mind and spirit.

When you know and embrace your ART, then magic & miracles can happen…

You might be asking, how can I bring my unique version of ART to the world?

It’s simple, but not necessarily easy…

Here are three steps to help you Start With Your Art:

What are your core values? Your guiding principles in each day? These core values are the truth of who you are and what you have to share with the world. When you align your daily life, your work, your contributions with your core values, your life will be happier, you’ll be more creative, you’ll be more motivated from the inside out and success will find you.


We ALL have had our fair share of difficult experiences in our lives from very small to catastrophic. These real life events shape our character in so many ways! Molding how we show up in the world, what moves us and what drives our everyday thoughts and actions. These fears – these hurts – these hurdles, are part of our life lessons – the obstacles that make or break us.

The truth is, Your greatest source of pain is actually your greatest source of Power. These hard learned lessons are a part of your biggest strength. They are part of the Gifts that you have to Share. How can you turn your pain into a powerful gift for others?


What are your unique Talents? The skills that come so naturally to you that it’s like breathing? So much so that we often take them for granted and disregard or ‘poo poo’ them because you think everyone can do that (can’t they?).

These skills are part of your unique genius – genius that we are asking you to share with us, and the world.  We need your Gifts and Talents, because only YOU can share that gift in YOUR particular way. Only your life experiences, struggles, failures and wisdom can craft your unique gift – your Genius.


Are you willing to step into your Authentic Real Talents fully and courageously?

For the sake of something BIGGER than yourself?

You’ll have to STRETCH your edges – guaranteed. Living fully without apologies – it’s scary stuff for sure.



If not now, WHEN?

We need your unique expression of ART,

Your brilliant leadership.

You see, you are ALL leaders in each day, in unique and different ways and your ART is your expression of Leadership in the world.


This is my Challenge for you, if you’re willing to take the leap…

It’s my START WITH YOUR ART Challenge:


Step #1: Define what’s Important for you NOW. What are your top 5 internal motivators and values? Rate each one of those on a scale from 1 to 10.  10 = I’m FULLY living this value in each day, 1 = I’ve somehow lost touch with this value and I can’t seem to find it in the moment.


Step #2: Embrace your Fears & Ah-ha’s. Recall a painful experience in your life (no matter what your age). Take some time to journal about what ah-ha’s or insights can you glean from this experience. What new perspectives can you see from where you are now?  Can you create alignment with your values and turn it into a gift for others?


Step #3: Identify Your Strengths. Take the Talent Dynamics Assessment.  This unique assessment helps you discover where you operate from most easily, effortlessly with the most joy.  It is a terrific resource to help you objectively identify and focus on your natural strengths – so you can more fully put them to good use in each day which naturally increases your levels of happiness, satisfaction and motivation.

Are you up for the Challenge?

To step into your ART fully, wholeheartedly with abandon?

If you’d like some assistance with these 3 steps, Let’s Chat and you can share your unique ART with me and we can see what blocks might be getting in the way of you living your art as a leader fully!

To Your Success~



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