Guess what – it’s already NOVEMBER! Wow – how did that happen when we weren’t looking? This year has flown by with all of it’s highs and lows, each of them relevant and important to your own evolution as a leader. "Ponderings" by Michele Molitor


With the new year quickly approaching, it also means it’s time to take a look back so you can move forward more powerfully. When you take time to reflect, you can see all the places that you got stuck, confused or side tracked along the way from your core vision and mission for your business and your life. Stepping back helps you to see all the bumps in the road that have taken you off course (and hopefully not thrown you under the bus!)

As a women leader, I know it’s hard to juggle all the different important things that are tugging at your time and attention: from family and kids and school projects, to business meetings, deadlines, customer deliverables and managing your team. It can really be overwhelming at times, and easy to get off course can’t it?

Know that you’re not alone. There is a huge tribe of women achievers out there who secretly (or not so secretly) are wearing their Wonder Woman cape (myself included!), ‘Powering Through’, trying to keep it all together for just a little while longer while putting aside their own needs.

The challenge is to recognize if the overwhelm and confusion is really just a diversion from something deeper…

As you take stock over this past year, have you been leading with clarity or confusion?

I’m curious to know,

In other words, What’s *really* keeping you from shining brilliantly?

In my work with smart, savvy women leaders from around the globe, I’ve uncovered some interesting patterns. What I’ve discovered is that beneath all of the plate spinning, tight rope walking and super human strength needed to support everyone else in the world (except ourselves), there are often hidden emotions that have been tucked away somewhere that we’re choosing to ignore. These emotions come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes: fears, hurt, anger, jealousy, not being _________ enough and the list goes on.

The truth is, all the plate spinning and overwhelm are merely distractions“Resistance”, keeping us from coping with these different emotions that are too hard or too painful to deal with.

Ironically, as we stuff these emotions deeper and deeper, they continue to create dis-ease in our bodies, minds and spirit which, if it goes unchecked will turn into Disease. Which can be a whole new problem and challenge to have to contend with. Trust me – eventually, it’s best to take some time with yourself to feel what you need to feel and let it move through you.

So how do you get out of overwhelm and move into a space of greater clarity as a women and as a leader?

Here are 3 simple steps to clearing your path so you can get out of overwhelm, and step into the new year with more effective leadership:

  1. Remember to Breathe: Begin to notice where you’re holding your breath throughout the day. What might be causing your shallow breathing? Make note of what those triggers might be and then take a few deep breaths to get yourself grounded and clear again. The extra O2 can help feed your system, calm your nerves, reduce your stress, decrease inflammation, enhance digestion and create more present moment awareness. (Who knew Oxygen had so many wonderful benefits!)
  2. Feel What You Need to Feel: I know, I can hear you now – “I can’t burst out crying at the office! Or scream at a co-worker for some stupid mistake they made!” You’re right, it’s not always a good idea to yell or scream or cry at work. BUT, that doesn’t mean you should allow those emotions to get stuffed somewhere deep in your belly either. Take the time you need later in the day to journal about the issue that came up, or talk with a good friend to vent the situation or one of my personal favorites, scream into your Rage Pillow! (It actually feels pretty good when you get stuff out this way!) This will help prevent those emotions from getting buried more deeply and clouding your vision and decision making down the road.
  3. Take a Walk Outside: Mother Nature has an amazing ability to calm the spirit. If you’re having a stressful day, take a few minutes to just go outside and feel the sunshine and the breeze on your face. Walk around the parking lot of your office or go full tilt and go for a hike in a nearby park. Nature has a way of bringing things back into perspective, helping you to remember what’s important versus what’s making your hair on fire.

I hope this has helped.

Email Me and let me know what are the things that you’ve been struggling with that are clouding your vision as a leader. I read all my emails personally and I’d love to know!

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